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Soteria Insurance Group was built around the idea of working for our clients, not the insurance companies. Designed as a one-stop-shop for buying insurance, we are your partner navigating the insurance ecosystem. Find out what a true independent broker can do for you!Contact us today or check us out on social media!


A unique way of looking at insurance

Take the emotion out of the equation, because the underwriters have. Your premium is a function of the claims paid by the carrier. The more claims paid, the more premium they will need to collect. Loyalty to an insurance company is futile, they will non-renew you in a heartbeat if they need to, if it makes sense for their numbers.

Shop your rates

Let us compare your rates to the rest of the market. If we can't save you money and get you better coverage, we will be the first to tell you. We shop our client's rates every few years unless we get an unexpected increase at the renewal. We have significantly increased coverages for our clients and saved them over 20% on average on their annual insurance spend. Let us help you next!

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